< L'Œil

Released: 1979
Director: Jean Luret as Ray Frededir
Notes: Cinémadis, 65 mins, shot in Quebec
Alternate Titles
  • Le Facteur en vadrouille
  • L'Oeil pervers
  • Perversions profondes h/c video title, 82 mins, Space Video
  • L'Œil et fantasmes sexuels Dir. Jean Luret as Jack Parry hardcore video (box?) title, 75 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Fabrice Marais plays Jean-Claude
  • Victor Béniard plays Sarrazin

Information from La Saison Cinematographique 1981, via Prophilo.

Information from Demster -

Males (film credits): Fabien Marais, Pierre Jumier; (hard core inserts): Carmelo Pétix.

A silly bearded small sailor comes ashore in Montreal (Canada). In the city he meets a big friendly guy. They get to drink a lot. He will stay at the small flat of this postman. In the car the day after, the sailor interferes with the letters and finds a cheque for 10,000 dollars - he takes it, but the postman doesn't know this. The sailor rents a car, buys a plastic sex doll, goes to visit a prostitute, spies on couples making love, and invites himself 'as a nephew' to the villa of Mr. Sarrazin, which is the address of the letter in which he found the cheque. Here he starts an affair with the daughter (I think - it's difficult to follow the storyline). When Sarrazin finds out someone has used his name to cash the cheque, the postman is captured, drugged, but afterwards released. As reconciliation, he is offered a nice sum of money. As the sailor has put the rest of the money in the vagina of his sex-doll and has left without it, he's a rich man now.

The actual film has some mild hardcore, but there are some inserts from other French movies. In one hardcore sex scene (not an insert) I thought I recognised Monica Zanchi, but it's more likely the girl just looks like her; she's one of the people attending to a BBQ at Sarrazin's villa.

The storyline is badly realised visually.

Sex scenes: a lesbian scene between friends of the daughter (with lovebites); these girls also have a threesome with a guy, including some mild asslicking (outside near a lake); Sarrazin's wife has sex with her private lover; a silly scene where the sailor has a prostitute to behave like farm animals and he pets her. Inserted: an older scene with Pétix, Beccarie and Stanford and another male; a young couple have sex near a watermill.

Good production values, but the story is not entirely coherent.

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