< Orgies adolescentes

Released: 1978
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Alternate Titles
  • Adolescentes passionnées
  • Orgia di adolescenti Italy
  • Orgies sauvages Alpha Video
  • Orgies très spéciales Alpha France download title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Joël Charvier, as Pierre Charvier, plays Paul, Sylvie's lover
  • Alain Malar plays William
  • Pjotr Stanislas, as Yvan Slav, plays Adam (called Roger Le Honte)
  • Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre) plays "Pelléas"
  • Dominique Aveline plays Pépito le Mexicain

Two young women (Cathy Stewart and Valerie Martin's) go to one of their homes for a fun weekend since the parents have gone away for a few days. Although the two girls have a lesbian attraction for each other, after a night out, they decide to telephone some new friends and invite them around. This happens several times and the result is a type of running threesome or foursome, ending with an orgy extending up a spiral staircase.

Partly from a review originally published in Cine-films n°4, 1979, translated by Prophilo.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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