< Orgasmoterapie del piacere

Released: c. 1992
Notes: Italy, Papermoon, probably not original title
Alternate Titles
  • Eros und Ekstase possible original title
Notes and Reviews

Male credits -

  • Rex Morrison
  • Ralph Stecher
  • Max Jost
  • Micky Hammer
  • Sven Farmer
  • Joop van Hilton

Male names are identical between opening and closing credits, but for females the opening credits name only Angelique Vrie and Silke Kramer. The closing credits do not name Silke Kramer but name Sandy Schneider, Angellique Vrie, Pia Jensen and Xenia Wolf. It is not known who Silke Kramer is meant to be.

The Italian title appears in a separate screen and a different font (a very basic all-caps computer font like Teletext) to the rest of the opening credits (a white script font). Before anything happens a hand is shown taking a book down from a shelf and turning it so that its title - Eros und Ekstase - can be seen. (This is apparently a real book.) This could well be the original title of the video.

The credited cast is identical to that of Analtherapie, but the costumes are different from those in the few caps we have from that video.

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