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Released: 1992
Director: none given
Notes: VTO 4401
Notes and Reviews


  1. Olaf Tanner
  2. Mike Horner
  3. Franco Roccaforte, plays the boyfriend of Claudia Clementi
  4. Steve Vincent
  5. Rex Morrison


  1. Kim Winter, Franco Roccaforte
  2. Claudia Clementi, Samantha Wood (same scene as in Anal Studs)
  3. Charlene Roben, Jacqueline Wild, Mike Horner (might be the same scene as in Das Phallus Syndrom)
  4. Jasmine, Steve Vincent, Rex Morrison
  5. Claudia Clementi, Kim Winter, Franco Roccaforte

Kim Winter and Claudia Clementi are chatting about past sexual adventures (scene 1 + 2) and their sexual phantasies (scene 3 + 4). In the last scene is Franco Roccaforte joining them for a threesome.
Most likely all scenes, except 1 and 5 are taken from other films.


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