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Released: 1978
Notes: Tabu loop, 20 mins, appeared on video programme 438, also on Diamant Collection, Trio Anal, Blue One DVD with Ondées brûlantes, Cathy, fille soumise and three other loops.
Alternate Titles
  • Pornoroulette
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Dominique Aveline plays Joe, an American
  • Madou Sall
  • An unidentified male plays a colleague of Aveline who is not allowed to have sex because he is a Mormon; so he has sex with a blow-up doll.

Brigitte (with black hair) is the boss of a private casino. She is expecting an American millionaire. She picks him up from the airport. On the backseat of the limousine she unwraps his cock and puts it into her mouth. He then takes her from behind which must have been quite uncomfortable. A blowjob is much more relaxing and Brigitte takes a real facial with semen dropping into her mouth and on her lips.

When they arrive they start gambling. Each time he wins he can choose a girl for sex. Karine Gambier (dark curly hair) and Maude Carolle are the attractive first prizes. The jackpot is an orgy in which all of them participate. His assistant has less luck (and money) and has to content himself with a sex doll.

But Joe is still infected by the gambling fever and another big prize is waiting for him: a black male (Madou Sall) including a ten inch cock! That's too much for him and he runs away as the girls have a lot to laugh about.


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