< Porr i skandalskolan

Released: 1974
Director: Mac Ahlberg
Notes: on Mike Hunter Megastars 4 DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Adolescentes pour le plaisir first French release
  • Allez les filles French re-release, by Groupe 3 Distribution, with additional scenes and disguised as a French film
  • Licensed To Fuck West Germany, Rustler/Hunter
  • Second Coming of Eva USA
  • Skandal i skolan Sweden re-issue title
  • Skandalschule
  • Skandalskolan Swedish DVD title
  • Wilde Perverse Spiele West Germany, UVG
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Peter Berg plays a teacher
  • Jack Frank plays Mr. Elliot, the lawyer
  • Jim Steffe, as Jim Styf in the American release, plays Sven
  • Rune Hallberg, uncredited, plays Bo Gyllenstake, the baron
  • Bo Halldoff, uncredited, plays a parent
  • Knud Jörgensen, uncredited, plays a teacher
  • André Chazel plays the psychiatrist in the additional scenes in the French re-release

Eva (Teresa Svensson) is caught masturbating by her older sister, Elsa (Kim Frank), and packed off to a private school for the moral education of young girls. However, this is run by a nobleman trying to conform to the conditions of a will - in order to inherit a fortune he must show he has improved his morals - and the teachers start a party/orgy as soon as the parents have left. After the drink has flowed, the sexual antics are given a jump start when it is discovered that Sonia (Brigitte Maier) and her friend Linda (Monica Andersson) are sex show performers who are hiding out from a man who wants to take them to Beirut. They are persuaded to demonstrate their act. While all the other girls (Annica Salomonsson, Monica Andersson and XNK0694) go with the flow, Eva turns shy, and goes to her room. There she is seduced by Sonia before she succumbs to the advances of one of the men. The lawyer arrives to check that the demands of the will are being fulfilled and is mobbed and ravished by the girls in order to get him to turn a blind eye to the goings on. Then Eva's sister arrives and the lawyer, by now throoughly corrupted, does the same to her.

Though she has a masturbation and a g/g scene with Brigitte Maier (fairly heavy but with no penetration), Teresa Svensson's b/g scenes are simulated. Most, if not all, of the other females clearly take part in the hard core action.

A later French re-release, called Allez les filles, had additional scenes and was disguised as a French film. Two scenes were added. The first one shows Paris under the snow and a psychiatrist (André Chazel) and his patient (Dominique Saint Claire) lying on the couch. She begins to tell her story. Swedish footage follows. In the last scene we are back in the shrink's room and they make love. (Thanks to Skin Flick for the additional information.)

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