< Positions Danoises

Released: 1977
Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil
Alternate Titles
  • Danish Positions
Notes and Reviews

The screen credits say: Willy Braque et Liza, Jean-Claude Bertin et Marylin (possibly Marie-Line Chanaud), Charlie Schreiner et Maude Carole, Gérald de Laire et Mika; i.e. Willy Braque, Lisa Stophenberg as Liza, Charlie Schreiner, Maude Carolle as Maude Carole, Jean-Claude Bertin, Marilyn, Gérard (or Gerald) de Laire and Mika Barthel.

The Jean Rollin filmography lists Marilyne for Positions Danoise and also for Lèvres entrouvertes, also 1977. IMDB has Marie-Line Chanaud for the latter. It seems likely that they are the same and that the cat burglar is therefore Nadine Pascal, assuming that her IMDB listing for this film is correct.

Lisa is learning a script when Willy Braque (in pilot's uniform) arrives home. They have sex and go off in his car. Maude Carolle and Charlie Schreiner arrive and get in the house by the back door. They are having sex when another couple arrive looking for the manuscript but ending up also having sex. When Maude and Charlie are discovered trying to sneak out, it turns into a foursome. Mika and her partner arrive with similar results, then along comes a redhead, in a white transparent body stocking and cat burglar mask, and begins to search for the manuscript as well. Charlie catches her and she too is drawn into the orgy. Then the first couple come back and catch them all at it. Strange how in porn films such moments always come after rather than before the cum shot! But it all ends amicably with them and Maude and Charlie having drinks on the terrace then Lisa and Maude, nude, tripping off across the lawn. Who knows what was meant to be going on?

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