< Phantasmes

Released: 1975
Director: Jean Rollin as Dale J. Martin
Alternate Titles
  • Les Fantasmes d'lsabelle soft version, Space Video / Video Gobelins
  • Geile Notzucht
  • Geile Stories
  • Geile Träume West Germany, Beate Uhse
  • Once Upon a Virgin soft version
  • Phantasme pornographique
  • Phantoms
  • Porno Kasteel Dutch video title, hard version, Porno for Pleasure, 69 mins 30 secs
  • Het Pornokasteel
  • Seduction of Amy
  • Sexfantasien
Notes and Reviews

There may be one more female names than there are female characters.

Males -

  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays the count, Gideon
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
  • Alban Ceray
  • Greg Masters
  • Jean Rollin plays the would-be rapist
  • Cyril Val
  • Stéphane Saratoga (doubtful as one of the female characters, a brunette, appears to be called Saratoga, or Sarah Toga, but there is one male unacounted for)

Amy (Mylene d'Antes) is accosted by a would-be rapist (Jean Rollin) by a stream and knocked unconscious, falling into it. She is rescued by the count and taken back to his mansion.

Pauline (or Marie, Rachel Mhas) is already in the mansion. Another girl ("Jacqui", Corinne Lemoine) arrives and joins in with enthusiasm. The Castel twins, dressed as schoolgirls, escape their scout master and wander into the mansion and join in. Other female participants are a redhead (Marlène Myller) another brunette (Claudia Zante) plus the brunette chained in the crypt (XNK0354).

Eventually Amy sees all the sexual goings-on there and is repelled, but in the last but one scene falls in love with the count (Jean-Louis Vattier) and they make love in the dunes - no vaginal penetration seen, but definitely gives him a bj and takes facial. The count is seen relating this to Monica Swinn at the end.

A more detailed account from Demster, from a more complete version:

A Count living in a nice castle and cultivating his flowers, is visited by a woman called Marie (Mhas), wanting to see the ancient chapel. They have sex in the (nearly dark) chapel.

A nice young girl (Mylene d¹Antes) - wearing a miniskirt - is having a sleep in the bushes nearby. A rapist tries to get hold of her, but she runs away and faints into the water. The count saves her and takes her to his castle and she is allowed to wear the dress of his deceased wife.

Then Jacky Flam (Corinne Lemoine) arrives. She is a flamboyant girl who has intruded into the castle. She shows her titties to the Count and he promptly gets friendly and is prepared to show her around the castle. In a sparsely lit room, she gives a dance performance. Outside in the dark, the count puts her on a pedestal. Next they have sex in semi-darkness inside.

At night, clutching a chandelier, Mylene d¹Antes is descending the stairs to find a woman naked in chains in the dungeon (XNK0354). She¹s the count¹s wife!

Mylene meets Corinne Lemoine and they both arrive in the living room, where a bunch of guys and women are sitting. Altogether they are eight people. Mylene d¹Antes runs away and watches when all those people have different sexual encounters in different places - Rachel Mhas and Alban Ceray, Rachel Mhas and Marlene Myller (lesbo), Claudia Zante + guy etc. for the next 14 minutes of the film. Then Rachel Mhas, Alban and Cyril Val have a threesome. Val sodomises Marlene Myller (much live sound in sex scenes).

Then the twin sisters Castel get away from their scout master to go for a pee near the water. In miniskirts and poneytails they arrive at the castle and see the couples having sex in the entrance hall. They undress each other and when one of them wants to join in, the other one gives her a spanking. Then they go to give Cyril Val a blowjob and start giggling. Next we see four couples on a carpet having sex, including the Castel twins.

Mylene d¹Antes is weeping outside against a tree, she goes back in and gets locked in a cage, together with the othes - the count arrives an gives some Rollinesque explanation of the situation.

Mylene and the count fall in love. We see them in the dunes, making love (to a Schubert string quartet). The water does not look very warm though, but they even make love in the water.

Finally, he count tells this story to a journalist (Swinn).

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