< Playgirls of Munich: Munich Madness

Released: 1977
Director: Navred Reef
Notes: American film shot in Munich
Alternate Titles
  • Munich Madness UVG Video, Germany
  • Stosstrupp der feuchten Spalten Herzog DVD
Notes and Reviews

This is an American film, a sequel to Dutch Treat, starring Zebedy Colt as Barney and Roger Caine as Chuck and one American male in a bit part, but it was genuinely shot in Munich with an otherwise German cast.

German males (two of whom are familiar) -

  • Helmut Kraus
  • Wolfgang Mueller
  • Werner Frietag (Freitag?)

The female names could well have been adopted for the occasion and never used elsewhere (and may also be mis-spelled).

XNK0365 appears in the opening credits.

In what in the end turns out to be a dream, Chuck and Barney are sent to work on an aircraft in the States (far too small to fly the Atlantic), get stuck inside, are discoverd by the crew and made to parachute out over Germany and land in Munich. They are befriended by Gretchen who has sex with Barney. She finds them a succession of jobs, all of which they make a mess of.

They are waiters in a beer hall. Then they become bodyguards to Miss Bavaria (XNK0366) - Barney gets a bj from her and Chuck is assaulted by her large blonde chaperone (Christa Abel). They work in a nightclub (Moulin Rouge) where a German male has sex with a blonde (possibly Gisela Schwarz) and they discovers she has been dallying with Barney (I assume - there seems to be a cut here). They flee from the angry boyfriend and end up in a brothel and stay the night - they have a foursome with XNK0369 and XNK0370. Then they flee into the countryside in a stolen car and meet Gretchen again at a ski resort with her friend Karen. They get invited back to a luxurious house with an indoor pool where there are lots of girls (XNK0371 to XNK0374) and a few males, one of whom is the angry boyfriend from the nightclub. An orgy develops in which Karen insists on being DPd by Chuck and the German male who recieved the blowjob in the opening credits.

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