< Les Possédées du diable

Released: 1974
Director: Jesus Franco as Clifford Brown
Notes: horror
Alternate Titles
  • Diabolic story Italy
  • Lorna l'exorciste
  • Lorna, the Exorcist USA
  • Possessions of the Devil USA
  • Sexy Diabolic Story
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Guy Delorme plays Patrick
  • Howard Vernon
  • Jess Franco

Patrick is a rich industrialist who lives happily with his wife Marianne and his daughter Linda. He receives theatening phone calls from a Lorna Green which frighten his family. In fact Lorna is a mysterious woman with supernatural talent. She made an agreement with Patrick years ago offering him wealth and helping Marianne to have a child on condition that this child was given to her on his/her 18th birthday, and that day is getting near... Lorna comes out of the past and now claims back what she considers her property. Patrick refuses and Lorna casts a spell which kills Marianne. Mad with sorrow, Patrick shoots Lorna down. But the monster will reincarnate into Linda on her 18th birthday.

From a review originally published in Cine-films n°4, 1979, translated by Prophilo.

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