< Le Père Noël est une Pointure

Released: 2002
Director: Christian Lavil
Notes: DVD Alkrys
Alternate Titles
  • Pacco di Natale Boss Film (DVD 394)
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Tony Carrera
  • Sébastian Barrio
  • Ian Scott
  • Thomas
  • Phil Holiday (Phil Holliday on cover)

Texxx, from the Alkrys DVD

The original title (approximative translation: Santa is a big name) is a pun on an old French comic movie, Le père Noël est une ordure (Santa is a bastard). The following relates to the Boss Film DVD.

There are four unidentified females: a blonde with short hair (XNK2515), a brunette with (fake?) tattoo on right shoulder (XNK2614), a blonde with curly hair and (fake?) tattoo on belly (XNK2615), a brunette (XNK2616).

Scene 1: Blonde with short hair masturbating while on the phone with a couple having sex. The blonde wears a grey dress and a light blue bra. The couple are naked (the woman wears mauve panties) on a bed with the Brazilian flag “ordem e progresso” above it. The face of the woman of the couple is barely visible. Sex acts: (Blonde with short hair) masturbation, including anal masturbation (Brunette with tattoo on right shoulder) sex, no cumshot visible.

Scene 2: The blonde with short hair takes a shower and puts on a white bathrobe. Then she has sex with a tenant. Sex acts : BJ, sex, anal (two positions), facial (on tongue).

Scene 3: A blonde with curly hair gets sodomised next to the ironing board. She wears a white silky dressing gown. Sex acts: anal (two positions), facial (most goes on the floor), BJ clean-off.

Scene 4: The tenant has sex with a brunette wearing a sequined gilded shirt, a grey jacket with fur, a green leather skirt, black stockings and black high heels. Scene occurs in the bathroom. It alternates with scene 5. Sex acts: BJ, sex.

Scene 5: The blonde with short hair wearing the same dress as in scene 1, Delfynn Delage wearing dungarees and black high heels, a drag artist and Ian Scott dressed up as Santa Claus have sex. At some point, the guy and the brunette from scene 4 come into the room. Sex acts: (Delfynn Delage) BJ, sex (with the drag artist), BJ, sex (with the guy from scene 4), anal (with Ian Scott), DP, DPP (Ian Scott and the guy from scene 4), facial (a few on her tongue, most on the floor – with the guy from scene 4), scene cut, very short BJ clean-off; (Blonde with short hair) BJ, sex (with Ian Scott), BJ (with guy from scene 4), sex (with the drag artist), facial (first part is not visible, most goes on the chin and floor – with Ian Scott); (Brunette from scene 4) BJ, sex (with the drag artist), he cums on her breast.

Extras: Pictures from the movie, Trailers, Advertisement for the Boss Film website.

Ratings: Sex 2, Make-up 1, Clothes 3, Picture quality, 5.

Comments: recommended only for die-hard fans of Delfynn Delage or of another of the actresses.


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