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Released: 1999
Director: Véronique Lefay and Tom Richardson
Notes: Mad X (DVD 1000546)
Notes and Reviews

Nominated "hot d’or" 2000 for best remake.

Males -

  • Marc Borrow
  • Kevin Long

Scene 1: Nataly Dune in black stockings, wearing black and white underwear, with Kevin Long on a maroon couch. The scene is shot alternatively in colour and black & white. Sex acts: BJ, sex, he cums on her ass.

Scene 2: Céline Bara wearing a white torn dress, walks in the woods and meets Kevin Long. The end of the scene is shot using a specific shade of colour (kind of grey). Sex acts: BJ, facial (in mouth).

Scene 3: Dolly Golden and Céline Bara. Both wear white torn dresses. Céline licks Dolly’s pussy. Very short, around 3 minutes. Then Véronique Lefay, in black dress and stockings, masturbating in the woods (no squirting visible). Also approximately 3 minutes.

Scene 4: Dolly Golden in mauve leather dress, Nataly Dune in white torn dress and Céline Bara in white torn dress with Marc Borrow and Kevin Long. Some parts of the scene are shot in black & white. Véronique Lefay masturbates while filming them, including with a dildo in her ass. Sex acts: Dolly Golden and Nataly Dune with Marc Borrow: BJ (both women), sex (Dolly Golden), he cums on Dolly’s ass. Céline Bara with Kevin Long: anal (two positions), he cums on her pussy.

Extras: filmography of Dolly Golden, Marc Borrow and Nataly Dune (3 to 10 movies given by actress/actor); behind-the-scene photos; "hot d’or" nomination list - for best remake or adaptation, and for French pornstar - Céline Bara and Nataly Dune.

Ratings: Sex 4, Make-up 3, Clothes 4, Picture quality 5.

Comments: nice, humorous remake, very good filming and good sexual performance. Recommended for fans of plot-based and couple movies.


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