< Pilska Julia på bröllopsresa!

Released: 1981
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Notes: Scandinavian Art Films, Stockholm
Alternate Titles
  • Éclatements Charnels Delires, Playsir Club video title
  • Honeymoon Swedish Style
  • Julia
  • Julia ou nuits de noces à la suédoise falsely given as Stan Lee Lubrick for official pur title of French release, produciton given as Andrei Feher, Jacques Péroni and Georges Odetto for Scandinavian Art Film (Stockholm) and Paris Zurich Films (Marseille).
  • Luna de miel en pelotas Spain
Notes and Reviews

Plot-summary from La Revue du Cinema - La Saison Cinematographique (1983), edited and translated by Len801:

Romeo and Julia are a young Swedish couple who have travelled to the Cote d'Azur by motorcycle to spend their honeymoon. They sleep by the seaside and when they wake up, they find all their belongings gone. They hitch-hike and are picked up by 3 Americans who molest Julia. They are eventually taken in by Professor Balthazar and his wife Kiki, a music-hall star. Balthazar proposes that the young couple do an a erotic live show called "Swedish wedding nights", which becomes a success. Julia sleeps out with the baron Robert, and Romeo has a revenge fuck with Kiki. The following day Julia gets involved with 4 Hells Angels characters. But it was all a dream and Romeo and Julia awake by the seaside...

Males -

  • Jean Laporte plays Romeo
  • Silvano Di Roma plays professor Balthazar
  • Marcel Barbey plays Dick
  • Ronald Engström plays the doctor
  • Ingvar Lund plays John
  • H. Brunc plays baron de Fabian
  • Bengt Brünold plays Harry
  • G. Thompson plays Sammy, the transvestite renamed Marilyn by Prof. Balthazar
  • an actor whose name is unreadable in the credits plays Jimmy
  • Pierre Dumas plays Punk
  • Olly Troyes plays Jean
  • Carl Thom plays Pascal
  • G. Scott plays president MGM

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