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Released: 1994
Director: Paul Little, Pierre Woodman, Bill White, Peter Thorell (from Spanish release)
Notes: Private, also stars Gina Wildes (bgafd) and Kitty Yung (iafd)
Notes and Reviews

1. Beer Sex and Rock & Roll (Beer, Sex and Rock 'n Roll on cover. ES: Cerveza, Sex and Rock & Roll)

Nathaly (as Natalie on cover), Mike Foster, John Walton, Kalman, male

2. Railroad Gang Bang [ES: Orgia en la Via]

Erika Bella, Philippe Soine, Alain Deloin, male

3. RepoRtage BudapEst

Frank Thring (referred to as Bill Wright), many girls including many of those featured in the other scenes of this title.

4. Duville

Saphyr, Alain Deloin, Frank Versace, Philippe Soine, male

5. Wet Sauna [ES: Sauna humeda]

Mary Tanner, Joey Verducci, Alberto Rey, male (non-sex)

6. Anal Stable [ES: en la Cuarda]

Regina, XNK5877, Kalman

7. Backseat Club [ES: Backseat Bar]

Susanna Katona, Ildiko Berger, Frank Gun, John Walton

8. Picnic (West Indian Picnic on cover)

Kitty Yung, Gina Wildes, Frank Gun

    Spanish release has some Spanish-language titles for scenes [in brackets, above] and some additional opening credits:
  • Jane Liljegren [?]
  • Gina Oconell [Gina Wildes?]
  • Alberto Rey
  • Janne Hedin
  • Zana [K Yung?]
  • Kalman Nyiri
  • Regina
  • Katalin Zanosshazm
  • Erica Zanos [E Bella?]

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