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Released: 1995
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews


1. Pizza Butt

Yves Baillat, brunette (Channone) and blonde with the character name Simone (Nathalie Levi).

2. Friends from Budapest

Mike Foster and Angelica.

3. Inna

Inna (Nina [14]) and three men (including Alain Deloin and Mephisto).

4. Coconut Bar

Kris News, David Perry and Laura Palmer.

5. Fire in Stockholm

Two brunettes (XNK5307 and XNK5308, Dagmar and Ingrid according to iafd, but in which order?) and male, video each other having sex in a hotel room.

6. Behind the Crocodiles

Brunette (Anais [3]) and two men (Frank Versace and Mephisto). French spoken by men. Shot in Australia.

7. Ice Hole

Two men and Lisa Sommer run naked into the snow and into an ice hole. They run back inside and have sex on the kitchen table.

8. Ambush in Bologne

Yves Baillat follows a brunette (Barbara) who is window shopping. Then he follows her into the woods where she holds him up at gunpoint and pats him down, including the front of his trousers. They have sex against a tree.

9. Report on the making of Samba

A film directed by Frank Thring. Jacqueline Wild is prominently featured among other girls including Laura Palmer.

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