< Perverse Zofen

Released: 1990
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Bizarre series
Notes and Reviews

Credits: Lady D, Myriel Gobert, Sendrine Bleu, Pasquale Marx, Ellen Sand, Veronique Box, Yves Baillat, Richard Voisin

Cast (in order of first appearance):

  • Unknown Blonde 1 - XNK0802
  • Unknown Brunette 1 (my guess for Lady D) - XNK0804
  • Unknown Blonde 2 - XNK0803
  • Unknown Brunette 2 - XNK0805
  • Unknown Brunette 3 - XNK0806

Review (16/11/2003)

This video is from Harry S Morgan's "Bizarre" series. It features extensive use of leather, some toe licking (no sucking though!), some fisting and a lot of golden showers (male and female).

Scene 1. Blonde 1, Yves Baillat, Brunette 3 (masked girl)

Blonde 1 in a black leather dress opens a door to let in Yves Baillat. She leaves and he sits on a chair in the middle of the room looking around. The room has numerous exit doors.

Blonde 1 returns leading another girl by a leash. The other girl is on all fours and dressed in leather including a full leather head mask (who can be identified as Brunette 3 from her appearance in Scene 7). They exit by another doorway.

Blonde 1 returns with a blindfold which she puts on Yves. She then leaves again.

At various times throughout Scenes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 there are short clips of Yves with the blindfold on and you form the impression that he is aware of the goings on in each scene even though he is not taking part in them.

Scene 2. Brunette 1, Blonde 2, Yves Baillat (with an added moustache), Richard Voisin

Brunette 1 is dressed from head to toe in a brown leather cape. She appears to be in a Priestess/Dominatrix role.

Blonde 2 (an older woman) enters from the right and kneels before Brunette 1 but looking away from her.

Yves Baillat (with a moustache that he does not have in Scene 1, are we meant to think this is someone else?) enters from the left and stops facing Blonde 2. He is also wearing leather. (bj) Brunette 1 does not move.

Suddenly Brunette 1's cape is moving. A man is underneath it. She opens the top of her cape so that we can see it is Richard Voisin and he is suckling her.

Meanwhile Blonde 2 and Yves (rac, cumshot, bj).

Now Richard is flat on the floor and Brunette 1 lowers herself onto him (reverse cowgirl) and then Blonde 2 and Yves are parallel to her (reverse cowgirl). Brunette 1 and Richard finish the scene with a poor cumshot.

Scene 3. Brunette 2, Brunette 3, Richard Voisin

Richard Voisin is seated. Brunette 2 is dressed in black leather - but with all of the best bits exposed. She is writhing and dancing to torment Richard who is masturbating. Then Brunette 3 appears (bj) and she is followed by Brunette 2 (bj). The scene then switches positions with Brunette 2 giving Richard a bj with Brunette 3 standing over them (gs) following which Brunette 3 lowers herself onto Richard (reverse cowgirl) during which Brunette 2 does some toe licking on Brunette 3.

The girls switch positions with Brunette 2 and Richard (reverse cowgirl, cowgirl) followed by a bj with Brunette 3 above her (gs).

The scene switches again with Brunette 2 licking Brunette 3's clit while Brunette 2 is peeing. Once she has finished Richard, who is above them, pees over them both (gs).

Finally the scene finishes with Brunette 3 and Richard (b/g and cumshot) followed with a bj by Brunette 2.

Scene 4. Brunette 1, Blonde 2

Brunette 1 is dressed in leather with an attached dildo. Blonde 2 is also dressed in leather. Blonde 2 then uses Brunette 1's dildo (bj, cowgirl).

The scene switches to Brunette 1 who has a leather wristlet which she uses on Blonde 2 (fist, anal fist).

Scene 5. Brunette 1, Yves Baillat, Richard Voisin, Brunette 2, Brunette 3, unknown male

No real story to this scene, just action. (bj, b/g, rac, dp, 2 x cumshot). Yves then pees over Brunette 1 (gs).

The scene switches to Brunette 2, Brunette 3 and a man whose face we do not see. Brunette 3 is licking out Brunette 2 while the unidentified man is peeing on them both (gs).

Scene 6. Brunette 3, Blonde 1, 2 unidentified males (faces unseen)

No real story to this scene either, just action. (2 x reverse cowgirl, 2 x cowgirl, dp, 2 x bj, 2 x cumshot)

Scene 6a. Brunette 2, Brunette 3, Richard Voisin

Too short to be a full scene. Might be a cut scene in my version. Brunette 2 is fisting Brunette 3 while Brunette 3 is giving Richard a blow job.

Scene 7. Blonde 1, Brunette 3, Yves Baillat

Blonde 1 walks past Yves into another room. She returns with the masked girl from scene 1, again on all fours on a leash and wearing a face mask who gives Yves a blow job while Blonde 1 removes his blindfold.

The chair is removed and Yves is now flat on the floor. Brunette 3 is still giving him a blow job but now Blonde 1 is above them and pees over them (gs) following which she lowers herself onto Yves (rac, cumshot).

The scene switches and Brunette 3 is greasing Blonde 1's arm. Once finished, Brunette 3 stands over Blonde 1 who then fists her from below.

After a while the scene switches and now Brunette 3 is flat on the floor, Blonde 1 is still fisting her but now Yves is over them both and he pees over them (gs) following which Blonde 1 gives him a blow job while continuing to fist Brunette 3.


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