< La Plage des enculées

Released: 1983
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Zip Productions, 60 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • Dévouées, ardentes et bronzées alternative French title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • J.C. Martin
  • Enzo Bourreta
  • Roy Briand (Roy Stewart?)
  • Michel Ricaud

Three men live in shack near she seashore.

Information from La Saison Cinematographique via x_axis47

Three prostitutes accost men in a cabin on the beach. The beach guard (Roy Stewart) watches them through binoculars and then prevents them from exercising their activity. The three women, then only two, take their revenge.

Information from La Revue du Cinéma (March 1984), translated by Prophilo.

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