< Paméla

Released: 1980
Director: Jean-Francois Davy (and Michel Baudricourt?) as Michel Antony
Alternate Titles
  • Kamikaze del Sesso Dir. given as Michel Caputo Italian video title
  • Paméla d'un côté comme de l'autre
  • La Storia di Pamela Italy, theatrical title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Michel Baudricourt plays Joe Attila
  • Hubert Géral plays Fontana
  • Dominique Saint-Clair (Gil Lagardère) plays Carrara
  • Dominique Aveline plays Moktar
  • Jean-François Davy plays Inspecteur Gérardin
  • Dominique Cale

Joe Battista, a leader of the Mafia, has been shot down by a killer nicknamed "Le Kamikase". Joe Attila, a far less important gangster from Italy becomes the new leader and soon suspects two "families" (the Dubreuils and the Allouaches) to be responsible for Battista's death. He then has two of these families' daughters kidnapped (Jeanne and Paméla) in order to marry one and keep the other as a hostage. At Battista's funeral, he shoots the two families' leaders. At the same time Gérardin, a police inspector is about to destroy the Organisation. Attila falls in love with Jeanne who rejects him and decide to marry Paméla whose family deals into drugs. What he doesn't know is that the two girls are closely acquainted with his two associates (Carrara and Fontana). When he learns it from Paméla, he asks Fontana to kill Carrara. Both gangsters flee and ask "The Kamikaze" to help them get rid of Attila. At Attila's place everyone fears the coming of "the Kamikase" so much that Jeanne gives up to Attila and agrees to make love with him. When he gets to the bedroom to take advantage of the girl, he finds himself face to face with "the Kamikaze" who shoots him down. The police are now surrounding the place and everybody joins in for a last orgy. When the police break into the house, only "the Kamikaze" manages to escape.

A very serious film on both sides of X-rating. A real thriller story and hard scenes. Some scenes from the stock-shots of the car-crash scene in Chaussette surprise (a previous Davy film) were reused. Some other scenes are badly edited, due to lack of money. Notice Baudricourt and Davy themselves in the cast.

From a review originally published in La Saison Cinematographique 1981, translated by Prophilo.

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