< Private Stories 18

Released: 1997
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Private Stories 18: Wet, Wet, Wet
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Rodolph Antrim
  • Steve Marlow
  • Alain Deloin
  • Nick Lang
  • Richard Lengin
  • Reinhard
  • Zenza Raggi
  • Philippe Soine


  1. Breakdown Gang Bang - Christina Dark, Chipy Marlow, Maria Szolontai, Rodolph Antrim, Steve Marlow
  2. Wet, Wet, Wet - Nikki Anderson, Alain Deloin
  3. Body Heat - Danila Iovine, Jessica Road, Nick Lang
  4. Seduction - Mona Lisa, Richard Lengin
  5. Cinema - Karen, Reinhard, Zenza Raggi
  6. The Sleeping Beauty - Aniko Harnal, Alain Deloin, Philippe Soine

Scenes 4 and 5 are presented in the above order in the introductory preview, but they are intercut in the main body of the video. In fact we see part of scene 5 first as a couple in a cinema (Karen and Zenza Raggi) get turned on by watching scene 4 on screen. Another male joins in with the sex in the cinema.

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