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Released: 1983
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: Tanagra Productions and FFCM / Al;pha France, 80 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Eccitazioni Italy
  • Frauen die es nötig haben Germany, Love Video
  • Alain L'Yle plays M. Dumont
  • Alban Ceray as Alban, plays Alex Serrat
  • Ghislain Garet plays the fishmonger
  • Jérôme Vallin
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray, as Alban, plays Alex Serrat
  • Ghislain Garet plays the fishmonger
  • Alain L'Yle, as Alain Lyle, plays M. Dumont
  • Jerome Vallin

Cathy Menard plays the new owner of the hotel; Carole Pierac plays Marie, the servant.

Alban Ceray seems to own a hotel in a seaside town. He is married to Cathy Menard but also has sex with the maid (Carole Pierac) and spies on and has sex with guests and females he visits. Finally his wife ties him to a chair and makes him look through a keyhole as Carole Pierac and then Cathy Menard herself have sex with Alain Lyle. His wife then makes him have sex on the kitchen table with Carole Pierac while she has sex with (chef?) Ghislain Garet alongside.

Diane Suresne features in a threesome scene on a rotating circular bed with a familiar blonde and Alban.

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