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Released: 1981
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Notes: Les Films du Chevain / Cinevog, 85 mins. Video under this title DIA/Ovide, Acoel.
Alternate Titles
  • Bourgeoise en délire Héroica/Hérosex video, 85 mins., possibly with 'La' in front, but not in the version seen
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Hubert Géral plays Hervé
  • Thierry De Brem plays Robert
  • Gilbert Servien, non-sex, plays Sophie's father
  • Guilhem plays Sophie's first boyfriend
  • Pierre B. Reinhard plays Martin, non-sex

An adolescent girl (who sucks her thumb and wears ponytails - Zanzibar) leaves her dad's big house after quarrelling about boyfriends. When strolling around on the beach she meets an unsuccessful singer (De Brem) and they fall in love. But he is living with his mistress (Laura Clair), who supports him financially. She asks her friend Géral to spy on him. He manipulates Zanzibar into his bed. When dad finds out where his daughter is hanging around, he offers big money to Géral to bring her back home. Instead, Géral starts blackmailing the father with pornographic photos he has taken of her. At the end De Brem has nothing anymore - no money, no home, no mistress and no girlfriend. He's a real loser.

Sex scenes also include:

  • g/g Zanbibar and Clair
  • g/g Zanzibar and Dupré

There are serious gaps and strange twists in the story. A bit dull to sit through. A pop song by Pichula stays lingering in your mind afterwards.


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