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Released: 1986
Director: Andrea Bianchi as Myke Strong
Notes: France
Alternate Titles
  • Coulottes erotiche Italy
  • Natasha
  • Zugellos-wild-obszon
Notes and Reviews

On-screen credits - dir. Myke Strong, direttore della fotografia J. Fattori, montaggio G. Kikoine, sceneggiatura G. Markman, Cast in credits - G. Pontello, Y. Fortuni, M. Planchon, B. Rosenthal. It is difficult to say to what extent the title and credits are faked or stolen, but only the presence of Gabriel Pontello certainly corresponds to them. The cast members recognised, however, place this film in the mid-80s.

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays Jean the garage mechanic
  • Jacky Arnal plays Fran├žois, Marina's husband
  • two unidentified males in the final orgy

The film starts with Jacky Arnal having sex with Marina Frajese. Then she seems to drive into the city to get her car fixed and seduces the car mechanic, Gabriel Pontello. On her return with Gabriel she finds Jacky Arnal having sex with two girls who seem to be modelling or trying on the sexy undies Marina and Jackly sell in their shop (Melissa Bonsardo and Jennifer, I think). The sex escalates until it is almost continuous with Marina later inviting a female photographer round (a crop-haired brunette, XNK0557). They have g/g sex, but eventually the photographer gets involved in all the other action, after a modelling session, in which there are a couple of extra unidentified males, turns into an orgy.

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