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Released: 1974
Director: Rino di Silvestro
Notes: Angry Films, soft, but a later version xists with hard inserts
Alternate Titles
  • Dossier rose de la prostitution France, Visa 44 458, Video by Carrère Video, 79 mins., hard version
  • Die Liebesengel
  • Love Angels
  • Red Light Girls
Notes and Reviews

Female Cast: Maria Fiore (Primavera), Krista Nell, Lucretia Love, Orchidea De Santis (Benedetta), Magda Konopka (Signora North), Liana Trouche, Cristina Gaioni, Felicita Fanny, Gabriella Lepori, Irene Renton, Marilia Mattei, Shirley Corrigan

Male Cast: Elio Zamuto, Andrea Scotti, Paolo Giusti

A hooker is being killed in the bushes. A police-inspector happens to be there by accident and he acts somewhat suspiciously. The investigation is the fil rouge of this movie. It enables the showing to the viewer different aspects of the hooker-profession. These scenes are spiced up by hardcore inserts (in one version). Also we have a group on motor bicycles, a rape, a photographer of erotic scenes, Lucretia Love taking 4 men at the same time in a dungeon (soft), etc.

This is a downbeat, dark movie.

I guess the cast are only those in the softcore version; the people in the hardcore version are unknown to me, and may well be inserted some years later for a rerelease.

An erotic thriller with hardcore inserts, this movie has a typical Italian giallo feel to it.


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