< La Planque

Released: 1975
Director: José Bénazéraf
Alternate Titles
  • Perverse Isabelle stolen title for Punch (René Chateau) video release, 72 mins
  • La Planque 1 - Sex Porno alternative title
  • Sex Porno
  • Sex Porno (La Planque)
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gérard Ouradou
  • Philippe Tremain
  • Gérard Grégory
  • Jacques Couderc, non-sex, plays the gardener

Two crooks flee in their Ford Mustang. They rape a girl in the forest. They take her with them to their refuge, a nice modern villa in the countryside. Here, their boss or protector (he has a huge cock) is not so pleased with this girl: this was not planned. But his wife (the one with curly hair) is a lesbian, so she is very pleased with the girl, who has sex with everyone (the two crooks, the boss, his wife, her maid, the girlfriends of the crooks). At the end, the boss hires a killer, who kills the two crooks.


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