< Le Port du sexe

Released: 1979
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Diaphilms / Luxe Video
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacques Gatteau
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • one unidentified

"Quelgues jours plus tôt ..." is the caption which comes up on the screen at first, followed by others later.

A man watches a brunette (XNK2255) pushing a pram along a city street. He goes up to her and chats her up. then he (seemingly) steals the baby and runs off.

"Non loin de là ..."

Jacques Gatteau, in a sailor suit, watches and follows Elisabeth Buret who is walking her small dog in a similar street. He harasses her while she is in a phone box, then follows her and grabs the dog.

The brunette and Elisabeth Buret turn out to be lesbian lovers living together. They console each other for their repsective losses. Then Gatteau turns up returning the dog and the baby thief turns up and returns the ... teddy bear. This is a porn film; so of course they all have sex. But the girls get revenge by enticing the two men to go outside the apartment naked and then locking them out.

"Au printemps ..."

XNK0346 espies an attractive sailor (Gabriel Pontello). Then she goes to meet Dominique Saint Claire (friend, flatmate, lover?). They return to their apartment and have lesbian sex. Dominique goes out and talks to the sailor and says something to him which causes him to chase her back to the apartment where they have a threesome.

Next we see Flore Soller masturbating. Again there is a girlfriend (Céline Gallone) and a male sailor (Richard Lemieuvre) is drawn in for a threesome.

"Et coetera ... et coetera ..."

"L'hiver suivant"

Flore and Céline pick up Lemieuvre again.

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