< Petits trous déchirés, salopes par derrière

Released: 1985
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Alternate Titles
  • Enfer anal
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • André Kay
  • Frank Mazars

This seems to be made up of footage left over from another film as some segments seem out of sequence and a couple of performers (Michelle Davy and XNK2266) suddenly appear from nowhere in the middle of orgies.

It begins with Evelyne Lang and XNK2264 having lesbian sex. Then we see Evelyne driving along in a near-desert landscape. Her car breaks down and a bespectacled André Kay, wearing a yellow and black horizontally-striped shirt, stops to help. She ensures he has a clear view up her skirt as he attempts to fix the problem under the bonnet. He fails and gives her a lift. She goes down on him in the car and then we see them having sex in his apartment. Then we see her driving him to meet her girlfriend, XNK2264. The girlfriend gets in the back with André Kay and they have sex.

Then we see a girl having her pubic hair shaved and then XNK2264 and Michelle Davy in a 69.

Then comes an orgy in a curtained room with André Kay, Frank Mazars, Evelyne Lang, XNK2264 and XNK2265. This is begun by XNK2264 stripping. We then see XNK2264 and XNK2265 meeting André Kay at a beach.

Almost the next thing we see after that is Evelyne Lang, XNK2264 and André Kay arriving at a house which seems to be owned by Frank Mazars and XNK2265. Evelyne is introduced to them and another orgy sequence follows. Michelle Davy and XNK2266 appear out of nowhere into the middle of this. Michelle Davy gets spanked and taken from behind by André Kay.

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