< Pucelles chaudes et ouvertes pour folies sensuelles

Released: 1984
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: Visa no. 58707
Alternate Titles
  • Folies sensuelles
  • Pucelles chaudes et ouvertes
  • Die Sex-M├Ądchen West Germany, CP Production, Teenage Lovers Video
  • Le Vergini erotiche Italy, Videoimport
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacky Arnal as Jacky Jack
  • Christophe Clark

Jacky Jack calls up random women and pretends to be doing research on sex life and illness.

Notes from Demster -

By accident, Arnal gets a wrong-number phone call from a woman who thinks she is talking to her lover and she excites herself, which (of course) also excites Arnal. He gets the idea of presenting himself as a doctor who does research among Parisian women about some 'virus' that could affect their sex life. He gets excited by making phonecalls to these anonymous women who masturbate during his telephone calls.

One day a new neighbour comes to ask to borrow a hammer. She gives him her telephone number. He immediately calls her anonymously and tries his game on her, but does not succeed. When she brings him back his hammer (!), he tells her he was the anonymous phonecaller. They start an affair. Then the first woman who called him calls him back to tell him that she faked it - she just did it to see if she could excite a man like that. They meet and at the end they form a love triangle with the neighbouring woman.

Although the storyline sounds interesting, the movie itself is not; the sex is pretty tame and the actors and actresses don't seem to put much enthusiasm in it; I found it quite boring.

This movie has the Visa no. for french movies of 58707; at the end it is followed briefly with the title and cast of Folies Sensuelles with the same cast but with a different Visa number (Visa 58708). So I presume Roy (Aubin) made two films back to back with the same cast.

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