< La Principessa

Director: Marc Coly
Notes: Corporate (DVD COR 025), properly chaptered, originally released by "La Eurostar Cinematografica"
Alternate Titles
  • Tope di campagna Proibito (DVD PRD 003), does not have chapter access, opening credits cut
  • Flora Ribbon credited only in La Principessa release
  • Sheila as Sheila Carret in Tope di Campagna release and as Sheyla Garret in La Principessa release
  • Ursula Bandi credited only in Tope di Camapgna release
  • XNK4082 non-sex, plays a lapdancer
  • XNK5689
Notes and Reviews

There are two DVD releases with different titles: La Principessa, released by Corporate (DVD COR 025) and Tope di Campagna, released by Proibito (DVD PRD 003). The differences are that La Principessa has a chapter access function while Tope di Campagna does not include chapter access; so the only way to go to the next scene is to fast forward or enter a time on the DVD player. Also, they cut the names of the actresses at the beginning of the movie (a few seconds).

The movie was probably shot with old material (and maybe stored in a place with the wrong temperature), because at some points it really looks as if it was a 50s movie taken directly from the film: there are white points/hairs on the picture and variations in the lighting before change of camera angle.

Males (credited only in Tope di Campagna release) -

  • Bruno Rubini
  • Max Renna
  • Antonio Bandanas
  • Loren Soza
  • Ubaldo Valentini

There are two unidentifed females - a brunette lapdancer and a masked older woman. Only the masked woman has sex.

Ursula Bandi has lesbian sex only (with Sheila) apart from brefly rubbing a man. Flora Ribbon's performance is also lesbian only with Sheila.


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