< Pomadenhengst

Released: c. 1976
Notes: loop, a Tabu (Charlie Brown) production, Fortuna Film F2, Diamant 0833, 18 mins, on Diamant loop collection O Popole, also on Alpha Blue Archives collectiion Forbidden Daughter
Alternate Titles
  • Pomaden Hengst
  • Tabu Film F2: Pomadenhengst
Notes and Reviews

Anne Magle (a maid or au pair) is peeling potatoes in the kitchen and finds herself desperate for a pee, but, her employer, Herr Meier, an older man, has occupied the bathroom and has settled down with a magazine. She looks around and decides to relieve herself in the bucket of potatoes. Herr Meier comes out of the bathroom and sees what's going on. They have sex.

Frau Meier returns home, finds them at it in the bedroom, gets turned on, strips, revealing she is wearing black stockings and a peek-a-boo bra under her unsexy overcoat, and goes to the kitchen in search of a cucumber to relieve her frustration.

Then she goes into the bedroom where her husband is asleep. She and Anne Magle then shave him, both his pubes (after a bj to get his flaccid penis out of the way of the foam and razor) and his head.

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