< Pornographie spéciale

Released: 1977
Director: Alain Thierry
Alternate Titles
  • Rage Porno - Pornographie spéciale
  • Guy Royer
  • John Oury
  • Thierry de Brem
Notes and Reviews

This movie, which probably projected in French cinemas under the title Pornographie sp�ciale, consists of Rage Porno, a court m�trage of approximately 24 mins duration (full credits for the cast: Sylvie Bulle, Guy Royer, Gabriel Seloy & John Oury), and Pornographie sp�ciale, a long m�trage of approximately 52 mins duration (no credits for the cast). In my copy, both films are projected back-to-back �as a whole�, but with no clear indication that Pornographie sp�ciale constituted the main title for both these brief films.

Males credited in Rage Porno -

  • John Oury, plays the husband
  • Guy Royer
  • Gabriel Seloy (black guy)

Males in Pornographie sp�ciale include -

  • Olivier Oll
  • Thierry de Brem
  • Ren� Aron
  • Khader
  • Guy Royer also briefly appears


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