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Released: 1982
Director: Philippe Byron
Alternate Titles
  • Lust Dreams USA, Now Showing, Paris Collection, 1986, 69 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Males (fake American credits in brackets) -

  • Ghislain Garet as Pierre Ravaux (Peter Redford)
  • unidentified young male (Bob Varner)
  • unidentified slightly older male (Jack Pine)

Carole Pierac dreams of her bedroom being entered by two men (one is Ghislain Garet) and being forced to have sex with them. She is staying with Claudia van Stadt and her husband or boyfriend and joins them for breakfast. Telling them of her dream she realises this means she is attracted to Ghislain Garet and she goes to visit him while Claudia and her man have sex in the kitchen. Carole interrupts Ghislain having sex with his wife - he answers the door in his robe. They begin to have sex in the lounge, but then go outdoors and have sex in a lane where the ground is covered in snow.

Later there is a party where all are present including the other man in Carole's dream. Carole and Ghislain have gone into another room and have sex on the bed (RC anal). Claudia and her man are sitting together and Ghislain's wife (XNK0633) is sitting next to the third man. Soon both pairs are at it and Ghislain and Carole return to the room, precipitating a full-on orgy.

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