< The Pyramid

Released: 1996
Director: Pierre Woodman
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Private Gold 11
Notes and Reviews

Synopsis courtesy Private

This movie catapulted Tania Rusoff into international porn stardom. Archeologists William and Elizabeth Reuter are busy working in the forbidden ruins of Abu-Sir. They discover the treasure map of the pyramid, which leads them to an ancient sarcophagus containing the Egyptian goddess Amira (Tania Russof), who is magically alive after 4,000 years. She recounts the days of her sex life with the pharaoh. Filmed on location in Egypt in the historic great pyramid of Abu-Sir, director Pierre Woodman risked the death penalty by firing squad, as all photography is banned at this sacred location. Remember that you can also get the entire Pyramid trilogy as a bundle including a FREE DVD sampler.

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