< Private XXX 23: Fuck My Ass!!

Released: 2005
Director: Frank Thring, Gianfranco Romagnoli, Lucrecia del Toro, Susi Medvsa, Tom Herold, Marc Lelong
Notes: Private, extra scene directed by "Mandala Studio"
Alternate Titles
  • Fuck My Ass
Notes and Reviews

Synopsis courtesy Private

Vera loves to go out clubbing and shake her tight ass on the dance floor. It gets her a lot of attention from guys in the club. And as she gyrates and turns her delicious body it's only a matter of time those male admirers want to take her on the dance floor! Beach babe Jessica lives for cock in her Caribbean hideaway. Tiffany Hopkins is a secret agent but before she begins a mission, she needs a good fuck! And three more stories from the mega popular Private Triple X series!

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