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Released: 2011
Director: Andy Casanova as Andrea Brancati
Notes: PigItalia, 79 min.
Notes and Reviews

Although a 'Giulia di Maggio' is credited on the cover July diMaggio does not appear.

Three unconnected incest-themed scenes:

  1. Paternita. Monica Desideri (anal, open mouth facial), Omar Montoya. With his wife either gone or dead, Montoya has grown closer to his young daughter to the extent they have had a sexual encounter. She phones him and she is not certain that she wants to continue seeing him, even though he says he misses her dearly. The sex scene is shown in flashback; after the end of the phone conversation, as he paces his room nervously, there is a tap on the window and she enters, having finally accepted she wants to be with him as well.
  2. Riunione di Famiglia. Sexi Moni (b/g, facial). Villa Lo Bos. Monica returns home to find her son there, who tells her he has been fired from the insurance company. She tries to cheer him up by giving him a massage - things progress quickly to sex.
  3. Sorella Crudele. Giulia Mei (b.g, facial), Dark Angel. Angel tells his sister about his marital problems. She tries to comfort him - first by giving him a handjob, then a BJ and vaginal sex.


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