< Precious Pink 4

Released: 2002
Director: Hervé Bodilis as Patrick Handsome
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Jeunes bourgeoises recto verso Sex Impact (France)
  • Pussy Makes The World Go Round
  • Top Models a louer 5 Hot Video?
Notes and Reviews

End-credits: Joe, Rita, Anna, Bridget, Thor, Brita, Rick, Suzie, Nikole, Diva. These largely spurious aliases, while probably given in order of appearance, are inconsistent with the DVD scene-menu and no attempt has been made to link them to the actual cast.

  1. Ms Jones (in a wig, but it doesn't detract) and the 'other' Ginger (lovely lingerie), Gary Boldiszar. Two Gingers, and the only red hair on display is on a wig !
  2. Rita (anal), Jakusa. Despite her hair being up in an unflattering bun here, always worth a watch
  3. Sophie, Boldiszar. A rare and very welcome b/g outing for this professional rug-muncher
  4. Dorothy, Jennifer- les. Stunning lingerie for the 'Mk. III' Dot but a lukewarm scene
  5. Betty (DP), Jakusa, Ricardo Bell. Skinny but very pretty

The too-frequent use of the 'camcorder-in-camera' effect is pretentious and annoying.

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