< Precious Pink 7

Released: 2002
Director: Hervé Bodilis as Patrick Handsome
Notes: Hustler
Notes and Reviews

End-credits: Veronica, Angelica, Morenna, Melissa, Ginger, Marco, Dominico, Salvador, Vincent, Aurtorro. These are identical to those of 'High Octane 11'- which has only Melanie and Olena in common.

DVD scene-menu:

  1. Anita
  2. Christina
  3. Anita G, Nikolett
  4. Zita
  5. Olena

These spurious sets of credits do not remotely resemble one another and no attempt has been made to link them to the actual cast, with the slight exception of scenes 4 and 5- which have external corroboration for the DVD-menu aliases.

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