< Praxis Gynobogen

Released: 1997
Director: Ildiko Entinger and Siggi Enting
Notes: Kelly-Video (from the film-credits; United Movie Production / Bison, according to other sources)
Notes and Reviews

There are no credits in the copy viewed. Males: Attila Schuster, Freddy Dalton.

A poor-quality copy of the DVD cover prominently credits Miriam Merkan and a 'Lisa Dubrovnic' - but the rest of the text is indecipherable. Directorial credit goes to 'Siggi and Ildiko Entinger' (the former; Siggi Enting, presumably). Several web-sources quote this (unprovenanced) cast: Sabine Schmidt, Petra Born, Lydia Reiner, Segfried Entinger - the female names may have been lifted wholesale from the (as yet unidentified) cast of Praxis Gynobogen 2.


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