< Plaisirs sodomites pour salopes inassouvies

Released: 1985
Director: Michel Caputo as Georges Lagautrière
Notes: Fil à Film, 80 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Deep Inside Marilyn 4 Dir. Michel Caputo
  • Délicieuses fessées
  • Fessées intimes Fil à Film, René Chateau video
  • Plaisirs sodomiques pour salopes inassouvies
  • Plaisirs solitaires pour salopes inassouvies
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Alban Ceray plays Inspector Varella
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Ramos
  • Christophe Clark plays "la balance"
  • Gabriel Pontello plays "l'enculeur de service"
  • André Kay plays a member of the sect
  • Patrick Marin plays a member of the sect
  • Antony Ray (Pierre Martinelli), uncredited, plays the young male in the rubber suit
  • some older males, non-sex

There is a blonde female, non-sex, (Evelyne Lang?).

Natural sound, French spoken, though seemingly with difficulty by Olinka, with Greek subtitles on this copy. A mystery film unlisted on IMDB, as is the director. It also appears to use archive footage in a couple of places. Sometimesw performers are difficult to identify.

It is difficult to follow the story line but kinky sex seems to be going on between the cast, except for Alban Ceray and Cathy Ménard who are police investigating. Christophe Clark is a waiter at a cafe and reluctant informant.

The film starts with what might be the first bit of archive footage as three blondes - Marilyn Jess, Laura Clair and Marianne Aubert wrestle in liquid chocolate with Christophe and two other males one of whom might be André Kay (but that's a guess from the back view). Jean-Pierre Armand seems to watch (the lighting is different) from a position on the stairs with another man who takes photographs through the banisters.

Then we see Jean-Pierre Armand going into a restaurant with Laura Clair to be served by Christophe Clark and then going to a room to have sex.

Cut to Jean-Pierre Armand handcuffed to a radiator in a police station being interrogated by a cop.

Cut to Jean-Pierre Armand and Marilyn Jess having sex on a bed.

Alban Ceray gets out of a car driven by an unidentified blonde who never appears again and talks to Cathy Ménard on his way into the police station.

Cathy Ménard questions Christophe.

Olinka (who seems to be Jean-Pierre Armand's wife) finds Marilyn Jess in the bathroom and a cat fight turns into a g/g session. Intercut (clumsily) are some short clips of a young man in a black rubber body suit, revealing only part of his face and his erection, apparently watching Olinka and Marilyn Jess.

Cathy Ménard and Christophe drive to a house in the country where Jean-Pierre drags them out of the car and into the house at gun point.

Marilyn Jess is gang banged by five people in rubber body suits (maybe there is another blonde involved as well). This also seems to be archive footage as her pubic hair is much less luxuriant here and again the lighting is different.

Marianne Aubert is spanked and then fucked by Alban Ceray while the young man previously seen in the body suit watches.

Various kinky goings on ensue at the house under the orders of and involving Olinka after Alban also arrives there. These also involve Jean-Pierre Armand, Christophe Clark and Cathy Ménard.

prophilo's account of the scenes (possibly from a different edit):

  1. Laura Clair, Marianne Aubert, Olinka, André Kay, Christophe Clark and another man, maybe Patrick Marin who is mentioned in Le Dictionnaire
  2. Marilyn Jess and Jean-Pierre Armand
  3. Marilyn Jess and Olinka
  4. Evelyn Lang and Jean-Pierre Armand
  5. Marilyn Jess and André Kay, Christophe Clark, another man and a girl (maybe Evelyn Lang again)
  6. Marianne Aubert, Alban Ceray and Pierre Martinelli according to Le Dictionnaire
  7. Chantal Trobert, Jean-Pierre Armand, Gabriel Pontello (not mentioned in Le Dictionnaire)
  8. Cathy Ménard, Olinka, Christophe Clark and Jean-Pierre Armand
  9. Cathy Ménard, Alban Ceray, Christophe Clark (watched by Olinka)
  10. Olinka, Alban Ceray, Christophe Clark and Jean-Pierre Armand

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