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Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: Gold Productions (Paris) and Ribu Filmproduktion (Hamburg) / Alpha France, 75 mins; DVD Blue One (72 mins.) with Possessions! and Les Délices de l'adultère
Alternate Titles
  • Bonjour madame... déshabillez-vous shooting title
  • Clinic of Fantasies
  • La Clinique des fantasmes
  • La Clinique des phantasmes 1984
  • Clinique pour femmes
  • Desideri di gente perbene Italy
  • Excess in the Ladies' Clinic
  • Exzesse in der Frauenklinik DVD Ribu, VHS is 1:13:24
  • RX for Sex in USA, DVD Classic-X
Notes and Reviews

The US release, RX for Sex, has fake credits. The French and German versions viewed don't seem to have cast credits.

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre plays the gynaecologist (more like a sex therapist for women)
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Adrian, the countess's butler
  • Alban Ceray plays Jean Richard
  • Thierry de Brem plays a customer at the café with the Range Rover outside
  • Guy Bérardant plays a waiter in the café
  • Cyril Val plays the bald chief nurse at the clinic in the country
  • Carmelo Petix plays the camp nurse at the clinic in the country
  • Benoît Archenoul plays Albert, a nurse at the clinic in the country
  • Patrice Chéron plays the manager of the boutique (non-sex)
  • Jean-Paul Bride plays a nurse and is also breifely glimpsed as a customer in the café
  • Gérard Kikoïne, non-sex, plays the second homeless man to whom the former gynaecologist relates his tale

There is no evidence that anyone, male or female, called Yoko appears, though this name did appear on some websites.

Richard Lemieuvre, a drunk in a bar, reminisces about his experiences as a ladies' doctor. These link a series of flashbacks.

Brigitte Lahaie phones up her husband (Alban Ceray) for him to take her to her appointment and interrupts his tryst with France Lomay. In Richard Lemieuvre's consultation with Brigitte Lahaie (about her difficulties with anal sex?), she relates how (flashback within flashback) her husband has had sex with her doggy style with her head in the washing machine and how her husband wanked off over her bare behind in a boutique. This proceeds to Brigitte and the doctor having sex in his consulting room and meanwhile the doctor's secretary/nurse (Mika Barthel) has sex with Alban in the waiting room. Then Brigitte and Alban leave and the doctor has sex with his nurse.

The doctor has a consultation with very busty brunette (Monique Carrere) who strips for examination and relates how she had sex with a waiter (Guy Bérardant) in a cafe restroom immediately afterwards gave a blowjob in a cRange Rover to a male (Thierry de Brem) who had noticed what went on in the café.

Mika introduces a new nurse (Morgane) to the doctor and they have a threesome.

Julia Perrin is a maid in a posh flat, her lady employer, the countess de Magot (Sophie Duflot), uses a bottle as a dildo on the bed and the maid and butler (Jean-Pierre Armand) watch through the keyhole and grope each other. The bottle gets stuck and the doctor has to be called. He arrives, extracts the bottle and has sex with the patient on the bed. The maid and butler have sex while watching through keyhole. Then all have sex in living room. The doctor leaves the three washing their private parts sitting on the edge of the bath, Julia Perrin pees into the bath (the pissing is omitted from both the French DVD version - with some of the preceding sex (this is where the three minutes went) - and the American version, possibly also from the Ribu DVD).

At a clinic in the country, Barbara Moose is being treated by three dmale nurses who take her temperature orally, rectally and vaginally. They all have sex, but she has to force herself on one of the doctors who is very camp (simulated). She then masturbates frenetically.

Richard Lemieuvre and his nurse (Mika Barthel) drive to the clinic and are welcomed by receptionist nurse Cathy Stewart. The nurse (Mika) has sex with a bald male nurse who wears her panties on his head then takes them off and cums over them. Lemieuvre is accosted by Brigitte Verbecq and they have sex. Five women then chase him into a consulting room and force themselves upon him - Brigitte Verbecq, Cathy Stewart, a brunette (Sophie Guers), Mika Barthel and Barbara Moose.

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