< Le Pensionnat et ses intimités

Released: 1975
Director: René Gainville as Catherine Balogh
Notes: Les Productions Simone Allouche / CCFC, 89 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Illusions Within Girls 1980? USA, 80 mins.
  • Catherine Wagener as Valérie Gener, plays Valérie (Joy in the American release), nude and light masturbation only
  • Claude Andrine plays the principal of the college, non-sex, non-nude
  • Elisabeth Graine nude only, plays a fanatically religious student
  • Frédérique Barral as Frederique Barraille in the American release, plays Claude, Michèle's friend
  • Karine Gambier semi-nude only, appears in swingers' party orgy
  • Liliane Lemieuvre appears in swingers' party orgy
  • Marie-France Morel as France Morel in American release, plays Mlle B.
  • Nathalie Waknine as Nathalie Waknin in the American release, plays Michèle, masturbation and simulated sex only
  • Nicia appears in Valérie's daydream sequence, nude and masturbation only
  • Siegried Cellier nude only, appears as a Pierrot in swingers' party orgy
  • XNK7736 non-sex, non-nude, plays a teacher
  • XNK7737 non-sex, non-nude, plays a student
  • XNK7738 non-sex, non-nude, plays a student
  • XNK7739 non-sex, non-nude, plays a student
  • XNK7740 non-sex, non-nude, plays a student
  • XNK7741 non-sex, non-nude, plays a student
  • XNK7742 light les, plays a Pierrot at the swingers' party orgy
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Patrice Cuny plays Dr. Agape, the sex education teacher
  • Michel Carin (aka Michel Dauba) plays Marc Thibaud, one of the workmen who installs the closed-circuit TV
  • Manu Pluton, uncredited in American release, plays Aimé Stéphane, le Girondin (from Le Dictionnaire, from the film some sort of workman)
  • Dominique Zardi plays Aimé Stéphane's assistant
  • an unidentified and uncredited male plays Marc's boss

Males in the swingers' party orgy, all uncredited, include -

  • Richard Lemieuvre (sex with Liliane Lemieuvre
  • Charlie Schreiner, masturbation
  • Benoît Achenoul, one of the homosexual couple
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • others, including the other homosexual male

Various unidentified females appear as students in non-sex roles and some other unidentified females appear in the swingers' party orgy including the other Pierrot.

There has been some confusion between the titles of the American releases of two French films. A sleeve note to the Alpha Blue Archives triple feature DVD Too Young to Know says that it includes a film called Illusions Within Girls. Their brief description is of the film Je suis une belle salope which had the American release title Illusions, according to Le Dictonnaire. This accounts for the error that Brigitte Lahaie appeared in the film discussed here, called Illusions Within Girls in its American release. It is possible that Illusions was also called Illusions Within Girls or maybe Illusions Within Young Girls, exploiting the title of the famous American film Desires Within Young Girls. In any case Brigitte Lahaie does not appear in the film Le Pensionnat et ses intimités aka Illusions Within Girls.

This film is classified as 'érotique' in Le Dictionnaire. It could be speculated that explicit softcore may have been an accurate description, but only the American release, Illusions Within Girls, has been viewed. From this it is evident that some scenes were performed hard but perhaps edited soft for the French release, notably the swingers' party orgy where it is clear that Marie-France Morel and Patrice Cuny have real sex. Other scenes, including one with Marie-France Morel have hardcore b/g close-ups and still others have what would be classified as hardcore in some countries not too far from the present writer, such as dildo penetration by Nathalie Waknine. Michel Carin clearly has an erection in his threesome scene with Frédérique Barral and Nathalie Waknine and Frédérique is on the verge of performing fellatio on him. It is as if the American distributors acquired some unedited footage and made their own edit of the film, shorter but harder. However, from the lack of hardcore footage from various known hardcore performers - Karine Gambier, Siegried Cellier and even Frédérique Barral - it does not seem as if a hardcore version was originally intended.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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