< Patricia, petite fille mouillée

Released: 1981
Director: Michel Caputo as Michel Baudricourt
Alternate Titles
  • Baise-moi 1985
  • Jeunes filles en chaleur à sodomiser
  • Ragazze erotiche
  • Ragazzine in calore
Notes and Reviews

The Italian credits are stolen. They include Nadine Roussial and Sophia Bellaid.

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Jacques Gateau
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Ghislain Garet in final orgy scene
  • Dany Berger
  • dark-haired male in orgy scenes, probably Eric Saville (Eric Dray) sporting longer hair than usual

Female names in the credits of some versions may include Victoria Kidd, Dany Doll and Chris Berg.

Jacques Gateau seems to be a photographer and also a peeping Tom. Dominique Aveline seems to be a friend of his. Jacques alternates between using binoculars to spy on people having sex in neighbouring apartments, watching porn videos (the occasion for the first insert of archive footage involving XNK0384) and photographing a succession of girls and then having sex with them. It all builds up to a final orgy.

After he spies on Nicole Segaud, a brunette and a male (Richard Lemieuvre probably) having a threesome, the first girl to arrive for a photosession is Cathy Ménard.

Next Nicole Segaud and a black girl with a quiffed hair style (Marie-claude Moreau) come to the apartment.

A blond male (Dany Berger) visits.

A curly-haired brunette (Dany) rings up and visits.

The blond male, Nicole Segaud and the black girl walk in while Jacques is having sex with the curly-haired brunette.

A blonde female (XNK0387) arrives for photosession and sex. Another curly-haired brunette (Kris Lara) catches them at it and makes it a threesome.

There is an orgy in the neighbouring apartment which transfers to that of Jacques. This is when Richard Lemieuvre and Ghislain Garet make an appearance and Dominique Aveline gets involved in the action. There are some close-up DPs and clips of three males being fellated by one female which are inserts from another film.

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