< Pénétration sauvage

Released: 1982
Director: Claude Pierson as Andrée Marchand
Notes: Pierson Production, a montage of archive footage, 75 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Sac de noeuds Parodix video title
Notes and Reviews


  1. Brigitte Verbecq, Gérard Grégory
  2. Cathy Stewart, Guy Royer
  3. XNK4317, Bruno Chiodetti
  4. (simulated) Mika Barthel, Enzo Garinei
  5. Elodie Delage, Dominique Irissou
  6. XNK4317, Bruno Chiodetti
  7. Elodie Delage, Mika Barthel
  8. Elodie Delage, Dominique Irissou
  9. Cathy Stewart, Bruno Chiodetti
  10. Cathy Stewart, Elodie Delage, Mika Barthel, Dominique Irissou
  11. XNK4317, Bruno Chiodetti

The French scenes - in direct French sound - are from Ursula for scene 1, and Oh, les petites starlettes for scene 2.

According to Le Dictionnaire, the Italian scenes - that is the rest of the film - come from Rêves intimes listed as Porno sogni super bagnati here.

Le Dictionnaire mentions outtakes from La Marquise Von Porno but I haven't been able to spot them.


Film information added with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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