< Perverse Piss-Nelken

Released: c. 1999
Director: Ralf Bent
Notes: EVP / Magma; 95 min
Alternate Titles
  • Perverse Pissnelken cover title
  • Piss-Nelken! 2018, Dir. Ralf Bent Just Fuck! / Imperial Films 11947; re-release in 16:9
  • Benita Milano as Benita on screen; as Benita Hausdung at re-release cover
  • Carmen Herzog as Carmen on screen; as Carmen Goosmann at re-release cover; in a wig
  • Natascha as Natascha on screen; as Natascha Gärtner at re-release cover
  • Nina Feih uncredited on screen; as Nina Feih at re-release cover
Notes and Reviews


  • Martin Wolf as Martin (Martin Endel at re-release cover)
  • Karl-Heinz as Karl (Karl Homann at re-release cover)
  • Tom Cruiso as Jürgen (Jürgen Schumann at re-release cover)
  • unidentified male as Sascha (Sascha Adler at re-release cover)
  • unidentified male as Patrick (Patrick Enzel at re-release cover)


  1. Benita Milano (BJ, GS, pee, vag, facial), male (pee, GS), Martin Wolf (pee)
  2. Carmen Herzog (pee, GS), Nina Feih (pee, GS)
  3. Natascha (BJ, vag, facial, GS, pee), male (GS only), Karl-Heinz (pee and GS only), Tom Cruiso (pee)

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