< Piss mich voll, du Sau! 3

Released: 2006
Director: none credited
Notes: Puaka GB 61386; GP 129309 (re-release); 88 min
Notes and Reviews

As usual for Puaka, no credits at all.


  • Daniel Cash
  • Steffen Schlang
  • Hagen van Dries
  • ZZ002
  • ZZ003
  • unidentified male


  1. Mia Anderson (BJ, vag, pee, GS, facial), Lucy Lasalle (BJ, vag, pee, GS, facial), Daniel Cash (pee, GS)
  2. Tina (pee, GS, cum on pussy) , ZZ002 (GS, rimming, masturbating until CS), ZZ002 (pee only), male 3 (in a wig, brief masturbating until cumshot)
  3. Lou Lou Asia (BJ, vag, facial, pee, GS), ZZ002 (GS, masturbating), Hagen van Dries (pee), Steffen Schlang (pee)

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