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Released: 1973
Director: Jean-François Davy and Daniel Geldreich
Notes: Société Nouvelle de Doublage (Paris), Contrechamp (Paris), Monti Film (Rome) and Valisa Films(Brussels) / SND, soft, 82 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Au plaisir des dames
  • Come divenni primo ministro Italy
  • De Dolle vrouwtjes Flemish title
  • French Tickler
  • Le Gros Lot a shooting title
  • Histoire de Q
  • Il n'y a plus qu'à Belgium
  • Prickly Problems
  • Q - Le Gros Lot
  • The Story of Q
  • Claude Valmont
  • Etienne Jaumillot plays a political ally of Bolduc
  • Pierre Danny plays Max
  • Richard Darbois
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Philippe Gasté plays Gilles Pilar
  • Pierre Danny plays Max
  • Jean Roche plays Xavier Montfort
  • Jean Parédès plays Gustave Bolduc, the Prime Minister
  • Richard Darbois plays a student (a would-be male prostitute) at the brothel
  • Jean Droze plays the homosexual
  • Philippe Dumat plays Edgar
  • Claude Melki plays Berto, a student (a would-be male prostitute) at the brothel
  • René Bériard plays the owner in the lotus position
  • Bouboule plays Vidal, a student (a would-be male prostitute) at the brothel
  • Yves Brainville plays the President of the Republic
  • Fabrice Bruno plays the child
  • Serge Coursan plays a political activist
  • Jacques Robiolles plays a political activist
  • André Nader plays a political activist
  • Henry Djanik plays Florence's chauffeur
  • Pierre Guillermo plays the journalist Pierre Guillermo
  • Dominique Hulin plays Bolduc's secretary
  • Jean Pascal plays the receptionist
  • Jean Turlier plays the priest
  • François Viaur plays Eugène Calvin, a bailiff
  • Johnny Vessler plays the boastful man
  • Georges Adet plays the lute teacher
  • Jean-François Davy plays the director
  • Etienne Jaumillot plays a political ally of Bolduc
  • Raymond Pierson plays a political ally of Bolduc
  • André Soriano plays a monk at the meeting
  • Claude Valmont plays a monk at the meeting
  • Michel Brethez, Jean-Philippe Delamarre, François Dasque, Dany Stéphane,Jean-Pierre Mantion, Jérôme Martin, Armando Minouflet, Marc Ulrich
  • Roger Carel, the narrator, voide only

Other females without character names or roles described in Le Dictionnaire - Claudie Chantal, Dominique Vallet, Chantal Aba, Lydia Field, Janine Forney, Francine Hébert, Germaine Jannet, Maria Mancini, Ginette Pigeon

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