< Queen of the Road 2

Released: c. 2001
Director: Giancarlo Bini as Chris Austin
Notes: XY Pictures, see also Routardes en chaleur
Alternate Titles
  • Krolowa drog Poland
  • La Regina della strada Italy
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Frank Gun plays a biker and a hood
  • Leslie Taylor plays a hood / a client
  • Phillip Dean plays the flashback male
  • Robert Malone plays a client
  • Alberto Rey plays the chauffeur
  • Victor Bacchus plays the hired gun, non-sex
  • Bruno Sx plays the Maffia boss, non-sex

A very loose crime story set in Hungary. Some hookers meet their clients in the Love Express, a large truck turned into a brothel-on-wheels. A woman tries to escape some Mafia mobsters by joining the girls. The local chief of police manages to have the hoods arrested after the usual shootout.

Information from Skin Flick.

See also scene breakdown here.

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