< Rosemarie's Schleckerland

Released: 1978
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: Herzog
Alternate Titles
  • Les Jeux du sexe France
  • Vogliosita' morbose Italian title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Sepp Gneissl plays Felix Rammler
  • Mario Pollak plays Tony Bock
  • Rainer Häuselmayer
  • Sascha Atzenbeck

The name Hannelore Lust is seen on a poster for this film. It is the only name on the poster and therefore most likely refers to the main character, played by Karin Hofmann.

Felix Rammler is supposed to go on a business trip to Istanbul but a last minute event leaves him stuck in Munich where he begins to explore the local brothel scene, with the help of taxi driver Tony Bock. Meanwhile, his bored wife Susi rings up an old schoolfriend (Karin Hofmann), unaware that she is now working as a prostitute and madam - her brothel is called "Rosemaries Schleckerland". Susi Rammler is curious, comes to visit to have a look, and soon joins the action. Eventually the couple would meet again...


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