< Rêves de sexes

Released: 1982
Director: Jean Rollin as Robert Xavier
Notes: Cinévog Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Furia erotica Ski'l video title
  • Quand le chat n'est pa là Marc Moran video title
  • Christine Chavert plays Mina
  • Invilg plays Virginie
  • Leila [3] probably as Katia-Sophia, possibly as Sophia, plays one of the couple who sneak into the villa to have sex
  • Patricia probably uncredited, possibly as Katia, plays the rat (masked intruder in body-stocking)
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays the driver
  • Jean-Paul Bride, uncredited, plays Monsieur
  • Jean-Khul (assuming this refers to one person) plays one of the couple who sneak into the villa to have sex
  • Gérard Grégory, uncredited, plays Mina's friend

It is not certain that the credit for Katia-Sophia is one performer or two (and the same applies to Jean-Khul). Sophia is a known alias of Leila [3]; so she is either Katia-Sophia or Sophia and Patricia is either uncredited or Katia.

Film information updated with help from Prophilo and Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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