< Le Retour de Marilyn

Released: 1984
Director: Michel Lemoine as Michel Leblanc
Notes: Visa No. 60254, Alpha France DVD with Marilyn mon amour and La Maison des 1001 plaisirs
Alternate Titles
  • The Comeback of Marilyn
  • Das Comeback von Marilyn West Germany, released by Mike Hunter 0128
  • Marilyn - Comeback of Marilyn Herzog
  • Marilyn Geheimste Leidenschaften German soft core version
  • I Vizi di Marilyn Italy
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • André Kay plays parfait
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Louis
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Christophe Clark plays Gilbert
  • Gérard Grégory plays a passenger on the coach
  • Claude Masson, non-sex, plays the hotel owner
  • plus non-sex extras

Louis and Parfait are travelling on a coach. Parfait (a cross country biker) is stuck on his idea of saving himself for the perfect woman he feels bound to meet whereas Louis, his manager, is much more into sieze-the-day philosophy and proves it by having sex with a blonde passenger (Rosy Stuart) at the back of the coach.

At night at the hotel, Louis notices two blondes having a ball with Jean-Pierre Armand. In fact Amour is teaching her lover Estelle how to behave with customers but once this one has come, paid and left, Estelle expresses her frustration and Amour promises her a nicer evening together.

Later in a discotheque, Parfait proves a killjoy but when Amour appears onstage (for the usual Olinka show) he immediately falls in love with her. We are then treated to a lesbian scene involving the two blondes. When Parfait expresses his wish to see Amour whom he calls his fiancée, Louis can't help being sarcastic at his being so naive.

Parfait is a biker and we are then given a few minutes of bikes rock-climbing (but where is he?) and are eventually told that Parfait has won the contest. Amour and a friend of hers, who have been invited to the contest by Parfait, are there too and they watch Jean-Pierre Armand having it off with a beautiful brunette.

When Parfait tells Amour he's in love with her she tells him she's on her way to Paris to become a famous singer and doesn't want to marry him. So when she's about to get on the train Parfait kidnaps her and they join the coach party to carry on the trip (around the Loire Valley and its castles as it seems).

On board the bus Gérad Grégory is busy with Isa Dery, while JPA is with Mina Houghe. As Louis and Parfait are sleeping, Amour goes to Gilbert and tells him she's being kidnapped. He promises he'll help her when they stop off at the home of a widow friend of his.

So when the bus stops for 'repairs', the whole party is welcomed by Charlotte who soon satisfies her passion for Gilbert in the kitchen while JPA does the same with Mina Houghe outside the house. Louis turns up and the whole party is in for a good time: Isa Dery with Gérard Grégory and another male, Louis with a brunette who is no other than XNK1129 with just another wig, Parfait (?) with Rosy Stuart.

After coffee the whole party is back on the road. Time again for Amour to tell Parfait that they should be going different ways. Gilbert joins in to knock Parfait down. But Amour is Parfait's first love and that goes straight to her heart... And the new couple is left in Charlotte's hands and the coach departs (was that film officially sponsored by Les Cars Dunois?).

Charlotte takes the young couple to the room where she has spent her honeymoon and Parfait and Amour (and for those unfamiliar with French: parfait amour = perfect love) get to know one another in a deeper way after some more of Olinka's dancing. BEAUTIFUL Olinka (yes those capital letters do mean shouting out loud!) Her body of milk and honey. That perfect sweet face. Every part of her like a jewel.

The end shot shows them walking off to their new life (reference to Chaplin's Modern Life?)


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