< La Rançon d'Eva

Released: 1985
Director: J. Helbie
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Pay Up USA, Now Showing Paris Collection, fake credits
  • The Ran(dy)som for Eva VTO 4001
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Jacky Arnal as Jacky Jack
  • Gerard Luig
  • Jacques Marbeuf as Victor Vallet (non-sex)
  • Peter Renald
  • Christophe Clark

An uncredited middle-aged female (non-sex) also appears.

The film starts with Gabriel Pontello and Dominique Saint Claire having sex.

Karine Hornel is kidnapped by Gerard Luig and a female accomplice. She is taken to a house and kept in an upstairs room, apparently rented from a middle-aged woman with a slightly retarded son (Jacky Jack). The son sneaks up and peeps on the kidnappers and their hostage, before being caught and scolded by his mother. He sees Gerard having sex with her (anal) and then come downstaris to have sex with his accomplice.

Guessing the plot here, it seems that Gabriel Pontello is employed by Jacques Marbeuf to deliver the ransom. He chats up secretary Diane Suresne who comes round later for sex. Jacky Jack sneaks upstairs and has anal sex with Karine but is discovered by his mother.

While Gabriel is meeting the kidnappers it seems that a rival gang (Christophe Clark and Peter Renald) grab the hostage, having sex with her before taking her away.

Gabriel is kidnapped by the kidnappers and they return to find the hostage missing and Jacky Jack drunk. However, by some means they know where she is being held and Gabriel and Jacky go to rescue her. Gabriel encourages Jacky to have sex with her while she sucks him off.

Meanwhile diane has visited Gabriel's place and found dominique. They have lesbian sex before Gabriel returns qwith Karine and they then have a foursome.

Karine therefore has sex with kidnappers and rescuers alike with reactions ranging from reluctance through resignation to enthusiasm.

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